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How shall I contact you and how much notice do you need?

Getting a short-term appointment is rather a stroke of luck, but isn’t impossible. In most cases a quick phone call is the easiest way. – The earlier you contact me, the bigger is the chance that I can meet your desired date. Please remember to show your number when calling me.

Usually I’m reachable from 11:00 am to 20:00 pm.

I accept respectful inquiries by mail. This gives you the opportunity to describe your affections and desires more detailed. It may sometimes take longer than a day before I’m able to reply to your mail.

On which days do I have the chance to meet you?

I’m available Tuesdays and Thursdays in Studio SMart in Cologne.
Session appointments on other days are only possible on a very limited scale. In any case an appointment will be necessary.
Visits to other locations can be found in the News section.

May I touch you?

As a classic domina I’m untouchable.
This doesn’t mean there won’t be any physical contact during the session. I do like to use my body in the session and let you feel how close I am to you, if I wish to do so.
For your sexual desires an erotic playmate may be booked as well.

How much is the tribute?

This I will let you know when you contact me.
I prefer to receive the tribute in an envelope.

Are you interested in a house slave or personal slave?

I’m not interested in any kind of personal slave relationship whatsoever. However you do have the option to apply as a house slave or personal servant to me and the other ladies of Studio SMart. –
I do expect regularity, reliability and true commitment!

Are you offering specials as well?

I will inform about new specials in the News section regularly.