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The Charm of Power


The charm of Power

Her name is influenced by the main character of the tv-series “The Avengers”. Diane Rigg embodied in this from 1965 to 1968 the agent Emma Peel who became a model for a very attractive, blond intelligent woman in Cologne who works for three years under the pseudonym Miss Peel as a Domina. Riggs' or Peels extravagant kind had impressed Miss Peel very much; „all men wanted to have her, all women wanted to be like she was“. We spoke with Miss Peel of her unusual profession which she practices in Cologne and Munich.

How do you become a domina – has your hobby just turned into your job?

-Well, I would rather say, curiosity became passion. Already at the beginning of 20 I made an exciting and thrilling experience with a man who was in a way a pain-loving gentleman. I took him with my crackling nylons beneath the table in a nobel restaurant out of his mind. After this experience
I was absolutely curious what else I could release in men with my behave and appearance and joined spontaneously in a prestigious studio in Cologne to find it out.

Therefore, this must be your dream job?

-Quite clearly: yes! I have made this profession in absolutely conviction to my passion. The psychic component is especially attractive for me. I love to enjoy my position of power in the play. Exactly this is the reason, my guests visit me over and over again. Of course there are also times which are strenuous in my profession - such as unreliability for example. It could turn the plays into needlessly difficulty.But the fact that i am independent and therefore be able to invent myself over and over again by changing clothes,creative plays or figures at any time i want let me see things in relative terms.

I resist absolutely to be just as seen as a service producer. Because I clearly brag with my inclinations fits to me and who not.

How often have you already experienced the situations in which you have bumped on borders?

-(smiling) to my borders or to those of my toys? To those of my opponent I often bump. It is my aspiration to tickle exactly on this border and to shift them with pleasure a little further on. My guests are often very grateful to have experienced something completely new, something they even could not imagine . Both me and my guest could leave the session afterwards with pride. My personal borders are remaining damages and sexual contact. To these borders I do not bump, because I reject both from the start.

Is there a typical kind of SM clientele in your studio?

-Here for discretion reasons I will come of course not more detailed on it. But of course not everybody can afford my sweet treatments. Apart from this there is no typical clientele, I welcome young as well as older visitors. The difference between them is that men in rising age formulate their needs clearer and know what they like to experience in the studio. Also the courage rises with the age .

Would you say, the people expect more and more crazier and crazier, absurder or more extreme things from a Domina – or is no trend to be seen there?
- I performe on this professional level just for three years , it is not entitled to me to judge about things like that inclusively. Nevertheless, my impression is rather the opposite. The tendency goes apparently away from the classical English education (stimulation by blows or beating - the auth.). In the plays or games rules more and more the wish for an erotic component.

Is in your opinion, to dominate or to be dominated still something special, extremely or mysteriously - just in that - thanks to "50 Shades Of Grey" - housewives confirmed SM times?

-You ask me whether SM becomes. presentable? No, even if it is just attempted. Of true SM will probably remain always in secrecy. To the SM studios this only means, actually, that there will be a wave of women who have the wishful thinking to be able to realise the story and phantasies of the film. Nevertheless, this does not fulfill to the reality. Therefor most of them will disappear again as fast from the image plane as they raise. Because our branch is based on trust and confidence, I suppose that this wave will harm the high-quality SM instead. To many will not be aware that they could seriously hurt their partners by itself-tries. But I have seen only one short part of the film, so I cannot judge explicitly about it.

However, soon i will make it up for it and watch this movie, just to be able to join in talking about it, because this question is put to me very often. I put daily my own exciting and thrilling film into action, and maybe my experiences become sometime also a history. A real history.

Do you work hard on yourself and your motivation to look like you do? Or is there sometimes even a sloth in you?
-I like to form my body and stay fit by doing sports.I am strictly and bold,so i need not look hard for motivation and my inner sloth visits me only seldom.(laughs)

Are you afraid of getting older?
-Not at all, the older you are the more interesting you get in my opinion.

What fascinates you so much in the material latex?
-I feel myself simply sexy in it. If latex (laughs) is like a second skin.
Because I do something for my body, I show him also completely with pleasure. The material feels incredibly smooth on the body, and the shine gives an enticing-elegant note to the whole optically.

On Your website you have an Amazon list of presents you wish for. Does it work? Are you often presented?
-Yes, not seldom if I am honest. (laughs) Earlier I have condemned it when ladies act like this. Nevertheless, at one point I have understood that it is an opportunity for gentlemen to express their admiration. Besides, there are people who do not dare to visit me and prefer to choose this way to make to me a compliment. So they attain my attention, because I thank with pleasure sometimes with a nice photo on Instagram.