The character of ‚Emma Peel‘ fascinated me with her provoking charm and sex appeal right away. She superbly understands how to deal with men. She’s able to cope with her opponents at any time and has them sovereign under control.


Her quick-wittedness, whether with words or deeds, characterizes her strong self-confident personality. She stays true to her very individual style in an extremely charming way. Her very controlled and stylish appearance have inspired me sustainably.


I am very ambitious and set great importance on cultivated manners. My carefree nature characterizes my very personal style. A relaxed atmosphere is very important to me. Therefore, I always take the necessary time to arrange the game to my liking.


But you should not be fooled by the softness of my voice. With a charming smile I strictly keep control at all times. I like to play with my feminine charms and understand to use them in a purposeful and merciless manner at the right moment to reach my goal.


Stylish and consequent, I will guide you in our game. It gives me great pleasure to explore your limits and to possibly redefine them. Very subtly, I will make you give in to your desire and to fully surrender yourself to me. Way too late you will realize which game you have gotten yourself into. Until you no longer can escape, until you no longer want to escape. – Our game has only just begun.


The perfect balance of elegant dominance and sensitive cruelty.




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