In me you will find an experienced and well-versed Lady, who will lead you confidently and stylish in our game. My tone is always civilized and cultivated, but at no time I will leave any doubt who’s in the lead.


My relaxed and self-confident appearance will make you feel insecure. My demanding look will paralyze you. Very soon you will experience by your own what I am capable of.


With a charming smile, I always keep strict control and guide the game according to my ideas. With great pleasure I instruct and shape you just as I like. You will lose any sense of time and space. You will let go and will surrender yourself completely to me.


Restrictions and fixations give me great pleasure and are a very effective measure to prepare you for further treatment. Whether I will be using ropes, leather straps, cling film or restrictive rubber. I will secure you in the desired position, until there’s no more escape for you, completely defenseless and helpless. Fully at my mercy, no matter which sadistically enticing cruelty I have on my mind for you.


You would like to live out your masochistic passion? With this desire you are in best hands with me. All kinds of spanking toys and techniques are part of my repertoire. With great passion I will bring you to your limits and beyond them.


Consistently and relentlessly, I will challenge you, but will still act with all needed sensitivity. I will raise the urge in you to go a step further every time, until you finally let go and fully surrender yourself to me. Until you will feel only true passion and devotion. – Trust in me. I will guide you sovereignly and consequently.


Imaginative role-playing is a big passion of mine. Share your secret fantasies and longings with me. I will be pleased to let them come true in a session, together with you. My imagination knows no limits.


Shall I turn you into my own personal rubber doll? Deprived of your real identity, completely wrapped in latex, I will use you to my liking. No matter which fantasy you want to indulge in, it will be my pleasure to live it out with you. Be assured, I know how to consequently form you according to my preference.


I also find great pleasure in an intense questioning session. I indeed enjoy to elicit confidential, even intimate information. Believe me, I have no reservations at all to even use unconventional questioning und torturing methods. Any means that brings me closer to my goal, will be fine for me. The more resistance you show, the more passionate I will torment you, until you voluntarily submit to my will.


Even the devoted gourmet and follower of intensive toilet training, will be served to a reasonable extent. During an extreme dirty session, I will bring you to your limits.





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