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Miss Peel – The Dominatrix & Model


Miss Peel is absolutely stylish and unique. Open to new ideas, she is attracted by the extremes in life. The game between light and darkness, the limits between heartfelt desire and imperious hardness. She told us herself. Have a look.



FS: What is your fetish?

Miss Peel: I ‘m a huge fan of materials that feel like a smooth, second skin. Therefore I love nylon and definitely latex.


FS: What inspired you to become a Fetish Model?

Miss Peel: Five years ago my curiosity about BDSM led me to the studio of a dominatrix, where I gained some insights. Once I got a first notion of the different areas, I had quickly ‘tasted blood’ and started my career as a Dominatrix. Some photographers noticed me and this paved the way for me to become a Fetish Model.


FS: What was your first fetish item?

Miss Peel: When I was 18 I bought my first corset, because I was fascinated by tightly laced waists. Later, when I was working in the studio, I went out and bought a red latex catsuit, a black latex corset and gloves from DeMask.


FS: What are your favorite fetish brands?

Miss Peel: That really depends on various things like e.g. the occasion and so on. I own many things from DeMask. Their latex collection is versatile and wearable, which is important to me as I wear the clothes during my sessions. I like classy designs, like the ones you can find at Tres Bonjour or Atsuko Kudo. I’m also attracted by Zorenko London, Ardita Fashion and Brigitte Moore. If it’s supposed to be something more unusual, I’d go for Dead Lotus Couture or William Wilde. I usually find nice accessories at Danny Deluxe or Katvoodoo.


FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photo shoot?

Miss Peel: Let me think about it… Hmm. I remember a photo shoot à la Emma Peel, in her typical leather Catsuit. Though in this case it was just painted on my body. I was hanging on a steel chain, in high heels, floating high above the ground. That move was quite daring. Generally, I would say that photo shoots in public are always special. Spectators who are astonished by latex outfits and the partly extreme high heels, which are rather unusual to them. So everybody is watching you.


FS: How do you feel wearing latex?

Miss Peel: For people who aren’t familiar with latex or don’t have a fetish of such kind, my words probably sound strange. But I would say that in latex I feel ‘complete’. I feel kind of warm and safe. I love the smooth, soft, second skin feeling. Touching it feels just great. And hey, I don’t need to tell you how magnificent it looks.


FS: Master or slave?

Miss Peel: Master.


FS: How different is your fetish persona from your personal life?

Miss Peel: When it comes to my passion for materials like nylon or latex, there is no difference between Miss Peel, the Fetish Model and Miss Peel privately. As I like to say ‘Eroticism starts with the art of packaging’. Being sexy is a lifestyle.


FS: What is the most interesting ‘accident’” you had during your fetish life?

Miss Peel: Accident…  Well, it is quite unpleasant when a latex outfit rips during a session. When in action this can happen easily. Nevertheless, I will remain self-confident. But it is rather unpleasant when you unintentionally end up with a naked bottom. Anyway my humorous nature usually helps me out in a situation like that.


FS: What are your dimensions?

Miss Peel: Height: 174 cm (5’7”), Bust: 97 (75DD), Waist 70, Hips: 90, Shoe Size: 38/39.


FS: Do you have an unaccomplished dream?

Miss Peel: It’s a dream. If I tell you about it, it won’t come true.


FS: Do you have a personal website? If someone wants to support you, do you have any online campaign?

Miss Peel: Yes, I have a personal website. I also have a Facebook fan page. There I mainly share impression of my photo shoots. I am most active on my Instagram account. It has become kind of a ‘fetish diary’. I share small private insights, inform of what’s about to happen, share some of my BDSM experiences with people and show how real Miss Peel is. – In case someone wants to support me, it’s possible to do so by visiting my Amazon Wishlist.



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