I set great importance on cultivated manners and aesthetics. My style of clothing is classically elegant and extravagant at times. I always remain true to my own personal, provocative style.


I like to play with my feminine charms and understand to use them purposefully. But be warned. With my courteous charming smile I will make you lose your mind so very easily. Before you realize what’s happening, there’s no more escape for you.


I have a pronounced passion for nylons and classy lingerie that show my flawless body to full advantage. High-quality stockings lend my slim legs a sensual silky gleam and give them an almost dangerously beguiling effect.


Whether in a classic business outfit or elegant leather, a sovereign and provocative appearance is guaranteed. I always choose my wardrobe, suiting the occasion. Breathtaking high heels complete my appearance. Stylish and equally desirable. Exclusive and ladylike at any time. – Elegant dominance and imaginative sadism.


My distinct passion for latex hardly knows any limits. The unique feeling of this very special material on my naked skin, which shows my body in seductive shine to full perfection. In combination with that typical discreet and equally exciting fragrance, it gives me a very unique feeling. A passion which I live up virtually excessively. It just gives me so many possibilities for an appealing transformation. Whether in a session or another exclusive occasion.




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