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Miss Peel


She has a great sense of style and is very unique. Sovereign she keeps men under control in any situation in her very own way.

She brings down her opponents with words and martial arts. She takes her 5 o’clock tea in a black leather catsuit.

With her provoking and mysterious sex appeal the character of Emma Peel fascinated me early on.

Her easiness and quick-witted style inspired me sustainably.
The softness of my voice captivates my opponent mercilessly and is an essential element of my natural dominance.

My tone is refined and sophisticated, but humiliating if necessary.

I will keep strict control at all times with a charming smile on my face.

As a person I have high expectations to myself but keep my cheerful and casual stile nonetheless.

I have found my way which I’m following decisively, while being open to anything new. I’m open minded to anything new.

I’m tempted by the extremes in live. – The game between light and darkness, the contrast between intense passion and imperious strictness.