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My Game


In a session with me you will be confronted with a double agent:

Being addicted to my obliging gentle style in one moment, in the next second you are taken by my exiting cruelness completely unexpectedly. My penetrating looks paralyze you, my coolness makes you feel insecure. Which sadistic treatment do I have in mind for you next?

Due to my sensitivity and decisive direction I’m able to raise your lust into sheer dimensions. Under my dominance you will become totally submissive. With a smile on my lips I let my imaginative and equally sadistic nature run free on you. I love the game of power and control, being so sovereign, consequent and perfidious. It brings me sheer pleasure so see you adorning me, to raise your feelings to pure ecstasy.

You want to be my submissive slave?
You want to live up to your very own fetish together with me?
Or shall I satisfy your sadistic desires?
I will get to your limits and beyond together with you.
You will lose any feeling for time and space.
You will let go and will fully surrender yourself to me.

“lose time and space”

Imaginative roll play is my passion.

A visit to the clinic, detention with the strict teacher, an embarrassing interrogation or maybe even the transformation to a perfect rubber doll, my pet or my fuck slut. – Be assured, my phantasy has not limitations.

You’re interested in my toilet training? Turn to me faithfully. – I will instruct you and form you with great pleasure, exactly as I desire.